“Pushing the boundaries of what guests expect from a fashion show”

The Telegraph

Now entering its 26th year, FS is the largest and most successful student-run organization in the UK.

Our goal is that our attendees will leave our events feeling more alive, exhilarated, and hopeful than ever. Ostensibly, FS is fashion, models, and catwalks.

But, those who know FS are instilled with one common, unshakeable belief - that FS is more than a fashion show. FS uses its events to raise money to donate to inspiring local charities. Our promise is to never stop giving back to the local community that has given us so much.

Get to know us, and see the real FS - the paragon of audacity, the pillar of charity, and the purveyor of change.

We are FS.

If you don't know us already, you will soon.

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