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Established in 2011, the Young Designer Award (YDA) is affiliated with the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show (FS), the largest and most successful student run organization in the United Kingdom.   

FS is an organization run by young people, and as such, it is important that we give young designers the opportunity to nurture their creativity, skill, and drive. At FS, we are committed to finding the very best young talent, and bringing this talent to the forefront of the fashion industry.  

The Young Designer Award is open to young designers from the United Kingdom and Europe who have completed or are completing a degree in fashion, and who have produced at least one collection. To help young designers develop their future work, YDA offers finalists elevated exposure in the fashion industry, and the winner a monetary prize. 

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This year, the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show has adopted the theme, FRACTURED. This theme explores what it means to be whole, and the contrasting parts that fit together to create a single whole.  

YDA is supplementing this overarching theme with our own theme, RENEWAL. This year, YDA is encouraging applicants to not only demonstrate creativity, skill, and drive in their submissions, but also to show a commitment to sustainability, either through materials, minimal waste, or design techniques.  

Our theme, RENEWAL, when framed within the context of the more general theme, FRACTURED, can be understood as an exploration into the ways the atmosphere is a common denominator in a world separated into distinct pieces.  Experts in sustainable fashion will go over your application making sure that your designs demonstrate attention towards the environment.  

Don't be afraid to interpret the themes in your own way and to marry the themes, FRACTURED and RENEWAL as you prefer. Remember that the way you read and present the themes will be key factors in the application and judging process. 

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